Attention Parents

September 30, 2016 at 16:07

NV Editor

A note to parents from the nurse:

There are a couple of upcoming dates for parents to be aware of regarding immunizations.
October 10- Last day for parents to provide documentation to the school
October 24- Exclusion day

If you have a sixth grade student who has not gotten their Mcv or Tdap please have this done over break and turn in the records to the clinic to be entered.
If you are new to the district or have received a letter from the school district saying that you are missing or that we do not have record of your vaccinations, please turn those in to the school so they can be entered in the system.
It is not automatic, everything must be entered by hand and we do not know that your child has received the immunizations unless you tell us.

Also, for your convenience the religious and medical objection letters can be downloaded off the website for you to sign and turn it. These must be completed and filed yearly per state law. Please note that these have two parts, a parent waiver and the objection letter. They are located on the corporation website under the “For Families” tab then click on “Health Services” tab.

If you have any questions at any time regarding your child’s immunization history or their health please call me and ask.

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