Language & Lit 8x Summer Reading

July 10, 2018 at 11:38

NV Editor

MSD Washington Township Language and Literature 8X

Summer 2018 Reading Assignment

Welcome to 8X L&L! This coming school year you will read texts that will challenge you think, encourage you to talk, and urge you to grow. In addition, you will write…A LOT! Some of the topics you will choose; some of the essays are assigned, but all of the writing experiences will refine your writer’s voice and develop your craft.

To avoid the well-researched “summer slide” all students experience, we have designed a summer reading task for you. The purpose is two-fold: o ne to keep you reading and analyzing at a high level (or to introduce you to that work if you are new to honors) and two to provide a shared text we can all kick-off the year exploring and discussing.

The assignment includes one choice component with books from a range of genres and topics to encourage student/parent choice and topic exploration. So, research the books and pick something that interests you-whether it’s a new topic, a new author, an old classic, or a longer book than you normally read…you do have ALL summer. The assignment has two parts, so make sure that you have both of them ready when you come back to school in August.

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